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T his timeline is based on our own detailed investigations, extrapolations and, in some cases, invention (see "The Pig Incident") and is presented in reverse order for reasons too complicated to explain.

  • 1485 – 7th November Attainted and all holdings forfeited. This was finally voided and the titles restored in 1489/90.
  • 1485 - 22nd August Howard is killed leading the Yorkist vanguard at Bosworth Field.
  • 1484 – 24th September The King uses the title “Lord Mowbray & Segrave” in a letter to Howard. These titles should have fallen into abeyance by the laws of inheritance, but Howard was obviously still using them. Because of this letter, the House of Lords confirmed the family’s right to the titles in 1877 (sic).
  • 1484 - Spring Howard acts as Joint Commissioner for a truce treaty with Scotland. He negotiated a proposed marriage between the King’s niece Anne and Prince James of Scotland
  • 1483 – Sept/Oct Kentish rebellion started early as piecemeal risings. Howard secured London and warned the King. Henry Tudor landed and promptly left for France.
  • 1483 – 12th September Appointed Chief Commissioner to meet the ambassadors of James III of Scotland
  • 1483 – 6th July Richard Duke of Gloucester crowned King. Howard carries the crown. Howard created Admiral of England, Ireland & Aquitaine
  • 1483 – 28th June Howard created Duke of Norfolk & Earl Marshall. Thomas, his son, created Earl of Surrey, Privy Councillor and KG
  • 1483 – 13th June Howard commanded “security force” at Royal Council meeting at which Hastings is arrested and executed without trial.
  • 1483 – 13th May Howard appointed High Steward of the Duchy of Lancaster and Privy Councillor.
  • 1483 – 20th April Howard carries Royal banner at Edward IV’s funeral.
  • 1483 – early April King Edward dies. His son Edward is the heir, but not of age. Richard Duke of Gloucester becomes Lord Protector.
  • 1482 Duke of Gloucester’s expedition against the Scots. Howard is King’s Lieutenant and Captain at Sea.
  • 1481 Howard’s cousin Anne dies. Howard becomes heir to Duchy of Norfolk.
  • 1480 – May Howard sent to France, to urge the marriage of Elizabeth of York to Charles, son of Louis XI.
  • 1479 – May Howard sent to Scotland in charge of fleet.
  • 1479 – January Howard in France, negotiating extension of Truce of Cambray.
  • 1477 – March Howard in France, negotiating extension of Truce of Cambray.
  • 1476 – June Howard in France, negotiating extension of Truce of Cambray.
  • 1475 – July Edward’s invasion of France. The “Pig Incident”. Howard negotiates the truce at Amiens, following which rioting by English soldiers in Amiens has to be stopped by Edward’s personal intervention. Howard receives a pension from Louis XI. Howard remains in France as a hostage and on his return receives grants of certain manors forfeited by the Earl of Oxford.
  • 1472 – April Howard appointed Knight of the Garter.
  • 1471 – 3rd June Howard crosses to Calais, having been appointed deputy governor. Engages in negotiations with France & Burgundy.
  • 1471 – 4th May Battle of Tewkesbury. In the centre of the line (Edward’s battle) which bore the brunt of the fighting. King Edward is victorious.
  • 1471 – 14th April Battle of Barnet – the battle in the mist. In the centre of the line (Edward’s battle) which bore the brunt of the fighting especially after Oxford’s battle on the left flank retreats. King Edward is victorious.
  • 1471 – March Edward lands in England and Howard, then in Suffolk, is the first man to proclaim him as King.
  • 1470 – 15th November Howard is created Baron de Howard by Henry VI.
  • 1470 – 15th October Howard summoned to Parliament by Henry VI. Edward is in exile in Bruges.
  • 1470 – May Aided by Warwick, Henry VI returns. Edward flees into exile in Bruges.
  • 1470 – April Howard’s fleet sails into Calais to relieve Warwick’s seige. Warwick flees to the French court. Howard joins forces with the Burgundian fleet and raids the coast of Normandy and is subsequently recalled (in May) to deal with Hanseatic raiders.
  • 1470 – 12th March Battle of “Losecote Field”. Lancastrian rebels flee (shedding their livery jackets to prevent identification) before the first Yorkist charge comes into contact.
  • 1468 - June Howard attends King Edward’s sister Margaret on her marriage to Charles, Duke of Burgundy.
  • 1467 Howard made treasurer of Royal Household. Also appointed as envoy to France (styled Lord Howard)
  • 1467 - January Howard marries Margaret, daughter of Sir John Chedworth.
  • 1466 Howard appointed Vice-Admiral for Norfolk & Suffolk. Builds the “Mary Grace”. In Calais as an envoy.
  • 1465 – 3rd November Death of Howard’s first wife Catherine, daughter of Lord Moleyns
  • 1464 Howard buys the stewardship of Bamburgh Castle. He and his men keep the Border raiders in check.
  • 1463 Howard is deputy to the Earl of Kent, commanding a force raiding the coast of France.
  • 1462 - Summer Howard is joint commander of the (successful) Seige of Alnwick Castle with Lord Hastings.
  • 1462 - Spring Howard is commissioned by King Edward to keep the seas. Attacks the coast of Brittany.
  • 1461 - November Howard imprisoned follow disputes over his supervision (as Sheriff) of elections to Parliament.
  • 1461 – 6th November John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, dies and is succeed by his son John (Howard’s cousin)
  • 1461 - August Howard fights a violent brawl with John Paston in the shire-house at Norwich.
  • 1461 – March 24th, Palm Sunday Battle of Towton. Duke of Norfolk is ill and Howard commands his men, arriving late to the battlefield and turning the tide, rolling up the Lancastrian flank. Edward, then Duke of York and soon to be Edward IV, knights Howard on the battlefield.
  • 1461 – 17th February Second Battle of St Albans. With Norfolk’s battle on the right flank. The Lancastrians rolled up the Yorkist left flank and Norfolk’s battle retreated without seeing any fighting.
  • 1461 – 6th March Howard appointed Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk
  • 1455 Howard enters the service of John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk and also becomes MP for Norfolk.
  • 1453 Battle of Chastillon (France)

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