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This event is set in the year 1483...


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a nd is a representation of a recruiting party, looking to employ soldiers to fight for the Lord Howard, the Duke of Norfolk, right hand man to King Richard III.


The main focus of the display is a campsite of 5 or 6 tents of the “Wars of the Roses” period, open to the public and containing the various possessions, equipment, weapons and armour of the soldiers of the recruiting party and their families.


Throughout the day various demonstrations are given of combat with different weapons, plus inspections, a demonstration by the surgeon and the cooking of authentic meal for the soldiers.

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The main display, suitable for a large arena, is a training session for new recruits in period drill and battle fighting techniques. This is carried out using participants from the audience (children are welcome)......


Our other major display is that of battle archery techniques, although this requires a dedicated arena for safety purposes. Again some audience participation is encouraged.

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Knights In Battle members are available to talk directly to the members of the public throughout the day, explain and demonstrate the various equipment and, as much as possible, encourage people to experience the life of a soldier in the Wars of the Roses.

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