A Feast of Arms
It is the year 1210, the reign of King John...


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a nd England is in turmoil (as usual). This show depicts a thirteenth-century foot tournament, known as a "Feast of Arms", a clash between knights for glory and riches.


Our combatants are knights-errant, travelling between tourneys and making their living from prizes. Good-guy Saxons and bad-guy Normans (and the occasional Welshman) clash in single combats in this action packed show.


The combats are carried out under the watchful eye of the Marshall, who ensures that the rules are followed and chivalry is upheld.


The Feast of Arms encourages audience participation, supporting their favourite knights and booing the baddies.

Knights in Battle members are available to talk to members of the public throughout the day and let them get hands-on experience of the weapons and armour used in the tournament.

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